Lipolysis (Fat Dissolving Injections)

What is lipolysis?
Lipolysis injections chemically reduce the number of fat cells around the injection site. The chemical, called deoxycholic acid, results in fat cell disruption and death. 
The lipolysis procedure includes;
An anesthesia cream will be applied at the injection site for some numbing. A precise amount of medication is injected in a grid pattern that has been pre-marked on the skin. The medication is injected as a single treatment.
Recovering from injections of lipolysis;
There is no downtime, but patients may experience swelling, bruising, pain, redness, and feel areas of hardness that typically soften with time. Fat reduction is typically visible by 6-8 weeks. 
What are the results of injection lipolysis?
Most patients have at least two treatments spaced four to six weeks apart, which is the typical duration of swelling. Patients can have up to six treatments in the area. 
We can develop a plan that best suits your individual anatomy.

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